Since my retirement at the end of 2008 as President and CEO of NACHA-the Electronic Payment Association, I have been providing consulting and expert witness services to the electronic payments industry. Those services have focused on four areas: 1.Expert witness in civil and criminal cases. 2. Expert witness in patent litigation involving ACH, Wire Transfer, Debit and Credit Card transactions and check payments.​ 3. Consulting services in risk management and fraud detection for  payment system providers, users and vendors. ​4. Speaking at conferences on electronic payment developments and risk management. 

My clients have included:

1. Banks (Capital One, JP Morgan Chase, Citibank, Wells Fargo, PNC, Bank of America,  Deutsche Bank, Citizens Bank, US Bank, The Northern Trust Company, USAA Bank, Greater Rome Bank, Members Trust Credit Union etc.)

2  Electronic Payment, Money Transfer and Mobile Payment companies (PayPal, Microfinance International, Viamericas, SRSA, etc.)

3..eCommerce Companies (eBay, JTV, Laru Technologies, etc.)

4.Government Agencies (US Department of Justice, Federal Trade Commission, FDIC, etc.)

5. Corporate clients (AT&T, T-Mobile, Alabama Power, Studco, Burg Dunham Construction, OSG, etc.)

6. Bankruptcy Trustees.

MCENTEE'S PAYMENTS ADVISORY                            SERVICE

ACH, Electronic Check, Wire Transfer, Card Transactions, Risk Management, Fraud Prevention